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The most powerful cloud tools for Android device deployment and application management.

Solution info
Solution category: Enterprise mobility management
Supported device types: Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable, Others - Kiosks, mPOS, Digital Signage, Rugged Devices
Sales region: Global


Esper is the industry’s leading Android device management solution which goes beyond MDM to deploy, manage and monitor your device fleet.

Esper was created to provide a seamless approach to the entire single-purpose device lifecycle with a rich set of features for Android deployments like kiosks, mPoS, mobile, tablets, and other devices. If you’re building an Android application for a hardware fleet, you need Esper.

We provide a simple, safe and secure way for engineering and dev teams to release applications and manage smart Android devices in production. You focus on your app, we’ll take care of the underlying infrastructure so your hardware just works.

Key features

  • DevOps: Toolchain for collaboration, visibility, and control from development to production.
  • Developer Tools: Build, deploy, and debug with developer tools.
  • Advanced Pipelines: Pipelines to continuously improve fleet productivity and performance.
  • Device Telemetry: Improve rollouts and debugging with telemetry data.
  • Management: Features including alerts, geofence, application management, and reports.

Samsung differentiators

Knox APIs provide access to the internal system levels which is not available with other OEMs. Example: Remote injection service, controlling system updates, controlling hardware keys, etc.

KME and KDP also help us to provide seamless deployment of the devices in the field.

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